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Back To KEGS!

The VC will be returning to KEGS bar on the Redondo Beach Pier on Friday, August 16th at 8pm - because Redondo Beach just can't seem to get enough of the "VC vibe". We expect the usual fan delirium so come out and help celebrate the mid-summer madness.

Flag Day Mega Show!

Virtual Campfire Returns in Patriotic Pier Performance! Swearing never to talk to each other again after last year's stressful multi-state tour that concluded with fistfights, lawsuits and an unexplained pregnancy, the members of everybody's favorite campfire band has put Country ahead of personal grievances, uniting on Flag Day to show their fans that they (the band, not the fans) can still rock and rock hard! When required. By court order. Go USA!

The VC on Tour

Shortly after "Burning Hot Tonight" was released, the band realized there was a vast audience of campers all across the West who needed to experience the "VC Vibe". So during the first week of July 2012, the Virtual Campfire took their unique brand of campfire entertainment on the road.

From Los Angeles to Portland and back again, they toured the West Coast, playing bars, diners, street corners and campgrounds to anyone willing to listen. (There actually were a few.) It was awesome, inspiring, exhausting and virtually arrest-free!


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