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The VC Documentary is here!

The Virtual Campfire is proud to announce the release of its new documentary “S’mores Across America” on YouTube!

VC Tour "S'mores Across America"

The movie depicts the famous 2012 American summer tour of the Virtual Campfire. It features live concert action from the tour, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the love, pain, struggles, triumphs and odors that accompany a campfire band on the road.

Despite the buzz in Hollywood over this epic film, the star studded premiere at the Kodak Theatre was recently cancelled by the band.

“Campfire music is not about red carpets and hanging out with Brad Pitt and hooking up with Miley Cyrus,” said Virtual Campfire member Jeff Agnew. “It’s more about hanging out with the camp ranger and hooking up with Smokey the Bear.”

They have decided to forego showing the movie in traditional theaters. “Our negotiations with AMC Theaters ended suddenly,” said guitarist Mark Karmelich, “when they refused to allow actual campfires in the theater aisles. We feel that the integrity of the film must be put above the safety of the general public.”

The band also refused to sign a rumored deal with HBO, who insisted on less band nudity. “This was a deal breaker,” commented accordion player Ben Karmelich. “We needed complete artistic control of the amount of band nudity in the film, and HBO would not listen to reason on this issue.”

After a heated negotiation, the Virtual Campfire struck up a deal with top Google executives to premier the movie directly on YouTube on January 15th. “YouTube offered us the best deal, while still preserving the values that campfire bands like us hold dear,” said bassist Chris Newton.

“Exactly,” added guitarist Steve Goldstein, “like selling our new line of Virtual Campfire action figures at Burger King, and of course our Burning Embers Perfume sold exclusively at REI.”

The movie was directed by Brian Karmelich, who has previously directed such campfire films as “The Crackling Fire”, “The Crackling Fire 2” and “The Cracking Fire 3-D, This Time It’s Personal.”

No film in America has ever captured a campfire band on tour the way this film captures a campfire band on tour, it is safe to say. If you ever wanted to know what’s like to be a campfire band on tour, this is the film for you, no question about it.

So get in line now at your nearest YouTube location and be one of the first to view this cinematic masterpiece before all the seats fill up. Bring your own marshmallows.

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