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The Virtual Campfire Hootenanny!

We're hearing.....from a lot of people, people who know about these things, very very smart people. They are saying that the VC Hootenanny will be the absolute best campfire-related entertainment in Hermosa Beach on August 25th, hands down! Other Hootenannies are weak, soft and out of touch. Other Hootenannies might attack us, but then they go away. They don't have what it takes. If some other Hootenanny turns out to be better, it will prove the system is rigged.

So put on your best duds and come on out to Suzy's Bar & Grill Thursday, August 25th!

Live acts appearing at the Hootenanny will be announced daily on our FaceBook page. You can expect.... well, who knows what to expect at an event such as this!?! So stay tuned...

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